Oils of Aloha

Made in Hawai‘i
Since 1988


A unique oil that quickly penetrates and gently moisturizes, leaving the skin with a greaseless, silky after feel.

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Add a unique nutty buttery flavor to any dish.

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While on a trip to Hawaii, I was told of the wonderful effects of Oils of Aloha and how it helps dry skin. I purchased a jar of the cream and started using it. I have a couple spots on my face that will always flake and sometimes become red and sore. Almost immediately the spots healed and my skin has become softer, with less lines.

Charlotte, NC

Nothing else has helped smooth out the rough skin on my feet, toes, legs and elbows. It even helped minimize deep neck and shoulder lines! The oil is pleasant to use, not greasy or oily —- absorbs fast, does not wash off with plain water, and feels good on the skin, not like a "film" left by other moisturizers. This oil is just short of miraculous.

Honolulu, HI

I am so grateful to have discovered the Kukui Nut Oil. It is the one product that I have found that truly does penetrate, moisturize & soften my dry skin. My hands, heels & elbows, at long last, no longer are so dry they itch, crack and bleed. They are now soft to the touch, as well as being smooth.

Bremerton, WA

I went to Hawaii for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago. I absolutely love your Kukui oil. I purchased some on Maui. As a 48 year old Registered Nurse, I can assure you that it is one of the finest skin products I have ever encountered. I also know I won't have to endure another Canadian winter with dry scaly skin especially when I'm out skiing. I'll definitely be ordering more products. Thanks.


My son has eczema on his legs, hands and face. I had been relying on medication from his doctors but most of them have steroids in them. Not only that they do not provide him with the relief he needed for the itching. It has provided the right type of moisture to allow the scales and the flaking to heal. Thank God for natural products and thank you for providing them to those of us in need.

Pocomoke City, MD

Two months ago, my daughter was diagnosed as having psoriasis. Nothing worked until this week when I tried the Kukui Oil. The psoriasis is nearlygone. I know nothing cures psoriasis. Never mind. Kukui Nut Oil sure puts in into remission quickly. You can't imagine how important that is for a little 13 year old girl.

Irvine, CA

I had a severe sunburn and photoallergy reaction to the sun when I visited Maui last April. One of the staff members of the Kaanapali Beach Hotel told me about the kukui tree and how the oil would be helpful for my sunburn and allergy. This is the best product I've ever used and have been telling all my friends about the kukui tree and the kukui products you sell. Thank you very much!!! A very satisfied customer!!!

Hillsboro, Oregon