Macadamia Oils Sampler

Macadamia Oils Sampler


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A sampler set of four bottles (5 fl. oz. size) of popular flavors of our Macadamia cooking oils.

Pele's Fire - Chilis infused with Hawaii's original macadamia nut oil create an assertive basting sauce for pork and ham, an excellent oil for sauting fish and a real eye opener for your breakfast eggs. Try it for a touch of fire in your favorite basting sauce and marinades.

Hawaii's GoldThe subtle, nutty flavor of this pure macadamia nut oil is delicious with fish, chicken and vegetable dishes. Excellent as a base for salad dressings. It imparts a delightful buttery flavor to baked goods and is especially good on popcorn. Excellent for sauting and stir-frying due to the high smoke point. Ideal for popcorn. The perfect basting sauce for deep fried turkeys. 

Kauai Herb - Natural Italian herbs combined with Hawaii's original macadamia nut oil add a delightful flavor to pasta dishes and your favorite salad dressings. Excellent basted on fish before sauteing or barbecuing. 

Garlic Isle - Roasted garlic blended with macadamia nut oil imparts excitement to marinades and sauteed dishes. Excellent for cooking shrimp or chicken. Drizzle a little over your cooked pasta dishes for a pleasant flavor and aroma.

Ingredients: Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Oil with Vitamin E and natural seasonings. Expeller pressed.