Your favorite snack with a little bit of heat.
A great, healthy muffin.
Very moist, very flavorful.
A quick side dish with lots of flavor.
A very flavorful and easy pupu or a main dish idea.
A great hearty dish with a lot of flavor.

Garlic Isle Mississippi Caviar

With its sprightly, fresh taste, this salsa is perfect with tortilla chips or as a side to chicken and beef.

A wonderful starter for any occassion.
A great Thai dish.
An easy, flavorful dip for vegetables or pita chips.
A great, refreshing pasta dish that's quick and flavorful.
A refreshing take on a classic salad.



Hawaii's Gold Caramel Sauce

A unique sauce.
A great meal full of flavor.
The Hawaiian version of a Mexican dish.
A Hawaiian Twist on a Classic.
A Island favorite with a Macadamia Oil twist.
Hot and spicy shrimp with a bit of creole.
Corn bread with a kick.
A Hawaii favorite bursting with flavor.
A perfect side dish.
A great tasting spread with a bit of heat.

This sauce is excellent served with sashimi or over grilled salmon or other seafood.
A fun way to present an appetizer. If you don't have Macadamia Smoke Chips you can grill the salmon.